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How to start a restaurant

For those who are interested in opening a restaurant without knowledge or experience, it may cause problems to a business operation. Many young people who like the interior decor of food or a small corner to be a place for meeting, dream of opening their own restaurant. Restaurant business always comes with an enormous hidden cost. If you are the beginner, what to prepare and evaluate yourself or your partner is ready or not, what to learn in opening a restaurant,


1) Raw Materials

Raw material costs are an important item in the budget for a restaurant. Finding the best suppliers with good prices is worth spending time on. You should learn about waste material management and how to buy raw materials in order to get the best quality with appropriate price and waste material management.


2) Choosing a location

Choosing a location is very important. With a restaurant, location is everything. You need a spot that draws crowds, is easily accessible, has plenty of parking and has potential for growth. The restaurant should be clean, colors and decorations should be appealing, these will increase walk-ins and keep customers coming back, share and promoted your restaurant to another.  


3) The service

The service is attracting customers as well. Even experienced workers need to know how things are done in your restaurant. Well-trained employees are happier, more confident and more effective. It is essential to hire vibrant, friendly, and hard working staff. They are on the front lines of the restaurant and reflect the restaurants vision. Customers


4) Get a Restaurant Management Software to help you track sales, process credit card payments, monitor your inventory, accurate bills.  


5) Marketing and Promotion

When you have opened a restaurant, you should generate publicity or promotional.


Since, in the first phase of running a restaurant may have not known much then the owner should have a working capital. The success key for the restaurant business is "Quality and Good Service" which is the core. When customers get a good quality and service, they will promote you and coming back.