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Article > What to sell with low investment?

What to sell with low investment?

What to sell with low investment?’ must be a question that students, employees who have enough capital to start their own business or looking for extra money. The trade is a business that makes more than 5% profits, just decide whether you want to start your store from the ground up or buy into a franchise

1) Beverage

 I believe that many people would not imagine before that the beverage sale, such as coffee, shaved ice, soda, herbal drink and juice, could make a profit 5 baht per glass, if you can sell 50 glasses a day, you will earn a profit 250 baht a day. So this is considered as a high income, low investment business.

2) Fresh fruits  

Since nowadays, many people turn to care more about their health. If you have low capital, you can use a stall to sell your fresh fruits (hawker stall) before expanding to a storefront or you can sale a fruit smoothie drink simultaneously to increase your sales.

3) Food & Dessert

 Since there is a struggling and high competition in urban, if you open a restaurant, candy shop or other foodstuff, you will surely make a great income. Anyway, the investment depends on the size of the store.

4) Grocery

If you have selected a location, try looking for unique product. Focusing on community relation in the store’s area is necessary for grocery store.

5) Antique/Junk

Antiques such as bottles, papers, metal, is regarded as a worthwhile investment. But most Thai people think it’s dirty and disrespectable. But, if you used to keep those old things and then sold them to people who buy a junk, we’ll see that it could make a lot of money.