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Article > Tips on opening a bakery

Tips on opening a bakery

For people who are looking to invest in a coffee shop may require to build a business or find another product to sell, like opening a bakery. Currently, there are many bakery schools which have their own recipe or in case you’d like to do it yourself, you can learn also. By the way, opening a bakery requires higher capital to a coffee shop because baking equipment needed to start a bakery is quite expensive. In term of location, should be a location that has many potential customers like a department store, university, company or government agency, tourist attractions, etc.

Since a locating is rather difficult, selling through consignment or wholesale is more popular than opening a bakery that focus on a large volume.  Most coffee shops also sell the baked goods. Let’s say, if you consign your baked goods 10 pieces through a convenience store or grocery store, each of you and a consignment store will get a profit 5 baht per piece, 50 baht a day. If you have 10 consignment stores, you will get a profit 500 bath a day. That's all, once your bakery is up and running, you can start thinking about growth.

I hope when you’ve read this article, with your diligence you will finally scrape a few baht together for your own business and making sure it continues thrive.