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How to start a coffee shop

For a new generation or new graduate who have enough capital or can access to any source of investment funds borrow to invest, including office worker who’s getting bored with a curse, rebuke, a load of work or even need to earn extra income. I believe that many people are thinking of starting their own business. This is the procedure to start a coffee shop, that would be your alternative and trendy also.

Want to Open a Coffee Shop? Consider These 5 Tips First

1) Find a location with a high number of passersby. Choices include shopping malls and strip malls near colleges, business centers, factories, or companies. Don’t just focus on a big size, try opening a small shop just 2 meters and then estimate the revenue like there’re 50 people that would be regular customers from one company, assuming that a profit per cup is 10 baht, then you’ll make a profit 500 baht per day. Keep this little by little to expand a shop in the next step.

2) Try surfing on the internet for equipment, start from small devices such as coffee machines, it will start up to ten thousand baht, or some companies will have a promotion set for Start-Up. The most import is if you don’t have time to keep watching the shop, looking for POS (Point-of Sales) and hire staffs is the best solution for now because of coming AEC will bring a cheap worker from our neighboring country like Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos. 

3) Never undervalue money even it’s just a little. Do not discourage even if you’ll gain only 100 - 200 baht per day, please remember, it might take some times to attract customers and get them known your shop. Plus, saving money little by little is an extra income.

4) Find other products sales together, such as bakery, gift, souvenirs, fresh fruit and so on.


5) Provide special events such as ‘Free (…) on your birthday’, ‘Buy 10 get 1 free’.