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Article > What kind of store would you open?

What kind of store would you open?

For the typical salary man who works 5 days a week. Somes are unfortunate, they have to work six days a week, somes are more unfortunate than that, they work as a shift which they can’t schedule their holidays. Most of them have no idea what occupation they’re going to do. One day I had the opportunity to teach entrepreneurs and salary man over three generations about creating a website, someone asked me that what kind of store he should open. From an interviews during the seminar, most trainees don’t know yet what to sell. Moreover, they don’t have enough money and time to open storefront. So I suggested them to rent a small room and use Retail POS to manage their store like a 7-11 store. Thus, if you open your mind to the idea of someone else, you’ll always find the way out. For some people who still have no idea what to sell. By the way, I recommend online sales because it’s perfectly suit with a startup which have not much money.

What to sell online?

With the experience from entrepreneurs training in the past, the internet was still slow like a turtle. I have to say that it must be a rare & unique commodity, that’s it. In the first year of training 30 sections, 30 persons in each section, it’s only about 100 stores survived. In the second year, some went bankrupt, but fortunately for the second year of training, I had the tools, experiences from the past. When I got the same question like ‘What to sell online?’ then I immediately answered without thinking that ‘Sells the closest thing to you, that’s working!’