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Mobile Retail Management

Mobile retail management software or mobile POS is a software application acts like an assistant store manager, e.g. revenue calculation, sales report, warehouse/stock, reduce a paper documents, anyone can do it or hire staff to take care your store while you can check the information correctly from anyewhere. Moreover, in the current point of sale (POS) application is based on cloud and runs on a smart interface, mobile device like a tablet that means you can go to anywhere, a coffee shop, shopping while your business is still running as well.  Now there are many Point of Sales developed by Thai companies, just choose the one suit your business.

Point of Sale system (POS) evolved from an abacus, calculator, and cash register. In the past, before leaving the store, there is a table set up in front of the exit with one employee who is responsible to get money, change money by calculating from an abacus or calculator and take a note on account book to report a shop owner. This process cause many problems e.g. cheating, wrong calculation, the owner waste time for waiting to check out and viewing reports each day. It is impossible to expand the business. As a result, in the past, most stores are just a stand-alone. 

Then, Point of Sale (POS) was founded to resolve the problems mentioned above. Today, in Thailand, there are a lot of Point of Sale Brands, you can choose the one that suit your business, no matter who you are, teenagers, young adults, if you’d like to open a coffee shop, candy store or gift shop, or just a small shop and you don’t want to waste your time by keep sitting, watching, Point of Sale would be the best solution.

Point of Sale is a shop management system that could bring a shop owner quickly the summary reports. Let’s think about it, in the past, we hire an employee to take care of the store, of course, they use an abacus or calculator that sometimes cause a lot of mistakes, or sometimes they’re cheating on you, including a delay in finalizing the sales report each day. All problems made you worried and it’s hard to expand your business. That’s why currently many companies have developed a Point of Sale (POS) to resolve a mentioned problem. And if you want to build a business, there is a cloud-based Point of Sale that can be managed your store or branches.

For those who want to be a business owner, such as cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores or minimart, if you want to facilitate your shop, it’s time to learn and consider the Point of Sales that suits the needs of your business or not.