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Who are we?

Adasoft Company Limited, a company of the new generations, was initially established in 2000 from the integration of the computer experts as well as the engineering professionals who are so experienced and skillful in management, research, and development. Not only do we provide advices and assistances on computers, we also develop state-of-the-art computer softwares.

Our Vision


Bring our customers’ businesses excellence via Information Technology.


Instill into our products with confidence and reliability.


Place our products in our customers’ hearts.

Our Mission


Recruit qualified staff and develop them with practical skills and knowledge.


Make our products and services known to the public.

What do we do?

Adasoft serves customers with IT products and services on both retail and wholesale businesses both in Thailand and abroad. We:


Develop retail and wholesale business management systems under our trademark ‘AdaPos’.


Develop the connection systems between AdaPos and ERP system under our trademark ‘AdaPos’.


Supply connection equipments employed in retail businesses and restaurants like Fujitsu  TeamPos , Mettler Toledo weight scale, barcode reader, barcode printer among the others.


Design and develop systems as of customers’ needs.


Act as an advisor for retail, wholesale, and restaurant businesses.


Development Restaurant Under AdaPos.Net

We are both the expert and the leader in acting as a hub in bringing State of the art technologies into more practical business management via software and equipment development in order to respond to customers both in the country and abroad.

Who are our Business Partners?

Adasoft ’s partners have consecutively incorporated with the company in enhancing our products and services effectiveness to yield much more fruitful results. Those still assist and sponsor the company in making the company known to the public via various ideal marketing strategies in order to further disseminate the Thai software both within the country and abroad. Those our partners are:

Why have we been Continually Chosen?

As AdaSoft truly believes that the company’s markets have consecutively increased in the South East Asian region due to the fact that our products and services can practically and perfectly replace the others as well as the company has always handed its customers with the state-of-the-art computer technologies and applicable business management. This can be seen from the company’s continuous growth since 2000. AdaSoft now has customers both within the country and abroad like Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Norway among the others. With the company’s expertise and well-roundedness, AdaSoft is always ready to respond to its customer’s all kinds of need for their sublime satisfaction. This is always regarded as the company’s pride.

Who are our Customers?

Our customers are those who are in need of both hardware and software computer technologies with utmost quality provided by us. Apart from providing perfect products and services, the company still offers its customers caring advice on business management. So far, the company has more than 1,200 customers to serve. Our customers are:

Bring your business excellence with IT

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